About Us

One of the hallmarks of all professional industries is having universally accepted performance and education standards that are clearly stated and met by those claiming proficiency. Universal standards push the industry to provide products and services at an acceptable and reliable level to their clients. MBFA’s mission is to help unite and improve independent bicycle dealers as a whole through the creation, regulation and promotion of universal professional standards in regards to bicycle fit, product selection and design.

MBFA encourages the cycling industry to strive for improved levels of education, professionalism, service and quality. By setting reliable and measurable standards, and providing recognition to dealers who have met these standards, more consumers receive better bicycle fits and make more informed and confident buying decisions. This improves the consistency of bicycle fitting and the level of product satisfaction being provided to cyclists in general by encouraging more dealers to invest in their equipment, employees and education in order to achieve MBFA certification.

MBFA is an independent organization comprised of many of the very best manufacturers, media, educators and independent retailers in the cycling industry. Any bicycle dealer who meets MBFA Uniform Dealer Standards, and is in good financial standing with MBFA, may become a listed dealer member.