How to Buy a New Bike

For many people, buying a new bike is a more difficult decision than buying a new car. As a resource, this section of the MBFA site is dedicated to providing independent, factual and universal information and recommendations on how to select a new bike. The articles contained in this section are designed to help guarantee that you find a bike that is not only a good fit for you, but will also meet your needs in terms of budget, durability, ride, handling and goals.

Rider First Fitting Video – MBFA member Fit Werx shows what a “Rider First” fitting entails and how it can help you select the right cycling products.

Bike First vs. Fit First Bike Buying.“Bike First vs. Fit First Bike Buying” – Even though cycling is a rider-centric sport, the vast majority of bikes bought today are selected first and then the rider is “fit” to the needs of the bike (and sometimes the needs of the bike dealer) after the selection. There is a better way and it starts by putting the needs of the rider first.  More>>>

Bike Fitting 101“Bike Fitting 101” – Not all bike fittings and bike fitters are equal. What should you expect and receive in a true professional bike fitting and how do you find the right qualified fitter?  More>>>


Bike set up standards for new bike buyers.“Bike Set-Up Standards for Consumers” – Setting up a bike within manufacturer based engineering standards is not rocket science, yet many dealers ignore the basics and it is the consumer who pays the price. As a resource for new bike buyers, we have published a basic guide as to what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to how your bike is set-up.   More>>>

The truth about bike test rides.“Test Riding?  Use Caution.” – When you are looking for a new bike, what is the first thing that you generally think to do? Most likely you plan to test ride bikes. This has been the common practice in the bike industry for years and is still what most shops will tell you to do when looking at new bikes. Unfortunately test riding can often be misleading.  Fortunately, there is a more reliable way.  More>>>

The truth about brand based fittings.“Finding the Right Fit System & Fitter” – Some of the biggest bike brands in the industry now offer their own fitting schools and fit programs through their dealer networks. Are these fittings limited because they focus on putting every rider on that brand and is the key to a good bike fit in the technology, the company behind the technology or the fit technician?  More>>>

How much do I need for a real bike budget.“Bike Budget: How Much Do I Need to Spend?” – You don’t need to break the bank to get a good bike for your needs, but you do need to be realistic and you should realize that some parts of a bike are far more important than others.  The most important parts  may not be the parts you think and this article explores where to prioritize.  More>>>