MBFA Dealers


Regardless of proximity, MBFA Member Dealers have been recognized for their commitment to excellence and are reviewed and updated annually. In order for a dealer to become an MBFA member, they must meet and maintain MBFA Universal Dealer Criteria for bicycle fit and retail excellence. These criteria have been established by MBFA to insure that any cyclist who works with an MBFA dealer is provided with one of the highest levels of knowledge, fit technology and product selection available in the cycling industry.

We encourage you to explore these listings, to contact MBFA dealers and ask questions, and to travel to see them. As independent dealers, MBFA members have demonstrated that they are the very best the cycling industry has to offer.


Fairfax – PK Cycling. Dealer Profile. Phone: (415) 459-3104. Dealer Website

Boulder –  Pro Peloton.  Dealer Profile. Phone: (303) 415-1292. Dealer Website

Boulder – Sports Garage.   Dealer Profile. Phone: (303) 473-0033. Dealer Website

Greenwich –  Signature Cycles.  Dealer Profile. Phone: (203) 485-0500. Dealer Website

Chicago, Northwest – Get a Grip Cycles Pro Shop.  Dealer Profile.  Phone: (773)427-4747Dealer Website

Chicago, West Loop – Get a Grip Cycles Fit Studio.  Dealer Profile.  Phone: (312)627-1701Dealer Website

Peabody –  Fit Werx2Dealer Profile.   Phone: (978) 532-7348. Dealer Website

Grand Rapids – Village Bike Shop. Dealer Profile. Phone: 616-361-3661. Dealer Website

New York
Central Valley –  Signature Cycles.    Dealer Profile.  Phone:  (845) 978-6933. Dealer Website

Manhattan –  Signature Cycles.    Dealer Profile.  Phone: (212) 706-0025.    Dealer Website

Waitsfield –  Fit Werx. Dealer Profile.  Phone: (802) 496-7570. Dealer Website


London – Cycle Fit Ltd.  Dealer Profile. Phone: +44 (0)207 430 0083. Dealer Website

If you are a dealer interested in MBFA membership, or know a dealer who should be considered for MBFA membership, please contact us via e-mail.