Dealer Profile: Cycle Fit Ltd


Shop Name: Cyclefit Ltd
Addresses: 11 Macklin Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5NH UK
Phone: +44 (0)207 430 0083
e-mail: [email protected]
MBFA Contact: Philip Cavell

cyclefit_studio1CycleFit was formed in 2002 by three bike racing friends who had all battled career-ending injury and illness. Julian Wall, Philip Cavell and Warrick Spence all faced the frightening prospect of never riding a bike in anger again because of the level of ignorance in the UK about bike fitting and cycling biomechanics. For Warrick this lack of knowledge cost him his dream of a professional career. For Philip and Julian the road to recovery seemed endless and peppered with disjointed and poor professional advice.

The search proper started in 1998. The three had become very frustrated at the thoroughness of the prevailing European fitting systems – they either seemed to be impersonal data-base driven procedures based on prescribed averages, or more commonly based on informal folk-lore and tradition.

cyclefit_studio2The lack of scientific application and understanding of the human body made cycling appear outdated and obsolete compared to other more switched on sports; even worse it often left both new and experienced cyclists uncomfortable and inefficient. So Julian, Philip and Warrick’s quest inevitably took us to the USA, which was then (and still is) at the forefront research into all aspects cycling performance analysis. Over the next three years they trained to Advanced level and beyond at the Serotta School of Cycling Ergonomics in New York, and on the LeMond LeWedge System by its West Coast based inventor Paul Swift.

julian-mbfaIn the ensuing seven years CycleFit has come to represent the gold-standard in establishing perfect human-to-bike relationships in the UK and Europe – they have undertaken thousands of CycleFit assessment sessions with clients that represent the fullest spectrum of cycling –  from past and present World and Olympic Champions to commuters on folding bikes and a chap called Joff who just rode around the world on a penny farthing.

Julian and Philip started the European SICI / CycleFit School in London in 2008 to teach other retailers and medical practitioners how to assess and work professionally with bike positioning.phil-mbfa

CycleFit is fortunate enough to work with some of the most knowledgeable and talented health-care professionals in the UK.

Julian, Philip and Warrick continue to ride their bikes as much as the like -the latter being very fast and one of the UK’s most effective criterium specialists.warrick-mbfa

Cycling Precision has become their mission, their mantra and their obsession.