MBFA Standards


In 2008, MBFA recognized that, unlike medicine, accounting and many other professions, the bicycle industry lacked universal bicycle fit accreditation and quality standards for dealers. Some dealers are more committed and educated about bicycle fit than others and this immense variation in skill levels between fitters creates significant inconsistencies in the end result of the bicycle fittings consumers received. These inconsistencies also damage the reputation and skills offered by those dealers who had made the commitment to providing true professional bicycle fitting services.

To address this issue, MBFA established two sets of uniform standards:

1) Uniform Fit Elements for all bike fittings. Like uniform accounting standards, bicycle fitting has uniform elements that need to be included in any reliable and repeatable fitting methodology. If any of these fundamental elements are ignored, the end result of the fitting, and often any associated product purchases, can be severely compromised. All MBFA dealer members have committed to using these uniform elements in their fittings.

2) Uniform Dealer Standards that establish common elements found in those independent dealers who are committed to offering their clients a high level of bicycle fitting services and quality product offerings.

To bring further consumer and industry awareness of these standards, MBFA has recognized those full service independent member dealers who met both of these standards. You may find these dealers in our “MBFA Dealer Listings”. Working with one of MBFA’s recognized best dealers, assures that you are working with a dealer who has demonstrated that they are reputable and well educated professionals; a dealer who is dedicated to being one of the best product and fit providers in the cycling industry.