MBFA Uniform Dealer Standards


The following are uniform requirements that a dealer must meet before becoming a MBFA member:

General Criteria

  • Demonstrated understanding and practice of “Fit First” product selection practices.
  • Retail cycling is full-time profession.

Retail Criteria

Product Selection:

  • Wide selection of quality fit related products including stems, saddles, pedals and handlebars.
  • Selection of bicycle brand and model offerings at a variety of price points.
  • Offer a selection of stock bicycle geometry options in a wide range sizes.
  • One or more bicycle brands with custom geometry options.
  • Selectivity in brands that demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling consumer needs.

Proven Success:

  • Strong sales history of specialty bike lines.
  • Established for at least two years.
  • Recommendation from other MBFA members, sponsor manufacturer or SICI.

Ownership & Affiliations:

  • No direct commitment or majority contract with a single bike manufacturer.
  • Independently owned and operated.

Fitting Studio Criteria

At least one staff member with 500 or more documented diverse fittings that include at least the following:

  • >100 Road Fits.
  • >50 Triathlon/TT Fits.
  • >30 Mountain Bike Fits.


  • Supervising lead fitter with at least five years of professional fitting experience.
  • Supervising lead fitter has completed SICI Elements Course (or equivalent).
  • Supervising lead fitter has completed SICI Advanced Class (or equivalent) in Triathlon Fitting and Bike Design.
  • At least one additional staff member with SICI Elements (or equivalent) certification on staff.

Recertification and Continuing Education:

  • At least one staff member completes a minimum of one SICI advanced certification module (or equivalent) every two years.
  • Abides by SICI master fitter code of conduct.

Fitting Environment:

  • Private dedicated fitting environment.
  • Fittings by appointment.


  • Video system with minimum of sagittal plane view.
  • Motion Capture System – Minimum of sagittal and frontal plane capable system.  Examples include multi-camera Dartfish or Retul.
  • CAD based bike design software.  Examples include BikeCAD and SICI Size Cycle Template.
  • Dynamic Sizing Cycle.
  • CompuTrainer with SpinScan.
  • Physical assessment table.
  • Strong selection of handlebars and saddles.
  • Ability to build custom cycling footbeds.
  • All elements of SICI Advanced Fit Studio equipment list.

Process & Methodology:

  • Fitting contains all MBFA Uniform Fit Elements as well as:
  • Motion capture session.
  • Video mediabook or other documentation provided to athlete documenting the fit and positioning results.

Fitting Services Offered:

  • Existing bike fitting for Road, Tri , TT, MTB and Hybrid bicycles.
  • New bike fitting.
  • Custom cycling footbeds.
  • Cleat alignment.

Bike Selection and Design Services:

  • Ability to convert a riding position, or stack-reach coordinates, into the best matched stock bike/frame options.
  • Ability to use a CAD based program to develop full custom frame geometry specifications from riding position coordinates.
  • Demonstrated mastery of the effects of component selection to bicycle design.

Medical Referral Network:

  • Established referral network of PT’s and doctors.
  • Ability to provide video analysis in mediabook form to medical professional.

Coaching Referral Network:

  • Established referral network of certified coaches.
  • Ability to provide video analysis in mediabook form to coaching professionals.

Download pdf of MBFA Uniform Dealer Standards